Founder ... Dineash Sharrma

This company was founded by Dineash Sharrma in 2007 in Mumbai. Dineash Sharrma is from Indian Sate Punjab and post graduate in dramatics and has a long theatre background. As an actor he has performed in Renowned "Prithvi Theatre", "Rang Sharda Theatre" in Mumbai for many years in major characters. He also appeared in some TV shows as an Actor.

He has also written many shows as creative writer in ninetees till 2003 like "All the best", "Bandh Darwazon ki Haweli" Rangla Punjab "City Theatre" and many more. He is the most sought after Dubbing director and script translator till now. Most of the company scripts are still written by him or under his guidance.

Rashi Prabhakar

Rashi Prabhakar is the Wife of Dineash Sharrma, she looks after dubbing schedules, dead lines, quality check and Managing finances. A native of Indian state Himachal Pradesh, Rashi Prabhakar is post Graduate and Gold Medlist from Indian Theatre Chandigarh. A renowned actor in Chandigarh and Mumbai theatre. She dubs, do voice over as an artist in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi and write scripts too.


About The Indian Dubbing Company

Who are we?
Indian Dubbing Company was founded in 2007    and we have gained a reputation for unrivalled expertise in most of the    aspects of foreign language versioning.

What does that actually mean?
We offer voice-overs, subtitling, lip-sync dubbing, translation, transcription services for broadcasters, distributors and production companies worldwide . There are very few situations or requirements we haven't seen in our years of experience, our output is of the highest quality.

Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery.

Wait though, it gets better .
We have been growing in the last few years, and we are now    India's Reputed dubbing and subtitling company, offering a vast range of facilities affiliated to state-of-the-art sound studios, video editing suites and DVD design with menu card.

Where are we?
In India's Mumbai city with complete facilities around.  And, as we're a friendly bunch, we have a great network of associate facilities in several other territories too.


To . sum . us . up...
We simply supply exactly what our clients need: a brilliant group of people who work together to produce excellent and exciting results. Translators, subtitles, voice-over and dubbing artists, video editors, audio engineers, project managers - you name it, between them they can do it. We've worked very hard to build our reputation for exceptional quality and efficiency, regardless of the size or complexity of the project and we are proud to be leading the way creatively and technically in foreign-language re-versioning. We have dubbed many movies for STAR GOLD as a vendor like ,  Jingle All The way, End of the spear(Christian Movie,pvt client),Crank, Judge Dread,  Police Story 1, 2,..Minotaur, 

 Legend of the Red Dragon,  Anonymous Rex,  Perfect Creature, Blue Streak, Cyborg -2, Paragraph -78, street racers, once upon a time in mexico,The Abyss, Perfect Creature, Earth vs. Spider,Shanghai,Shanghai,The Human Shield. Santa Claus-3.Monster House(animation),Blue Demon, Glass Trap, Ice Spider, Fist of Legend(Sony channel),God Provides(DVD authoring and menu card pvt client)


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